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Short Term Loans
Long Term Wellness

Our commitment is to you!

Fast Funding

Affordable monthly payments

No prepayment fees

Personal Loans

Your First Loan

How It Works?



Apply for up to $1600 in minutes using our simple application.


Get Funded

Once accepted, you’ll see your funds in your bank account through direct deposit.

Take Control

Meet your monthly payments and watch your credit score rise as we report to all the major credit bureaus. No prepayment fees allow you to get ahead of your loan schedule and pay it off early at no extra cost.

Not Approved for $1,600?

We’re Here to Help!

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Start Low, Aim High!

You may qualify for an alternative offer of a lower amount. Pay this loan off on time and unlock access to loans up to $1,600

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Get a loan to finance

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Why Choose Lomsy

Loans up to $1,600

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Affordable Installments

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Fast Funding

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Credit Bureau Reporting

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Our Partners

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